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       Food Offerings in Buddhism (TAK BAT) : make merits by offer foods into a monk's bowl in a morning  
         In the Buddhist religion, Offering food is one of the oldest and most common rituals. Food is given to monks during alms rounds and also ritually offered to tantric deities and hungry ghosts. It  is a meritorious act that also reminds us not to be greedy or selfish.
         Monks rise and silently walk the streets in the early morning, Lay people wait for them, sometimes kneeling, and place food, flowers or incense sticks in the bowls. Women must be careful not to touch the monks as they are the symbol of purity. The monks receive the food in silence, as words disturb the nature of their meditative prayer.
Street Food Stalls Around US!
            We are located on the living Chinese place in Bangkok called "TALAD NOI". It is a one of the oldest part of Bangkok. It was an old small market over hundred years old. There are still have many old house, shops and food stalls. So, we would like to recommend you to try food stalls near our hostel. It is not only delicious, but it is also plentiful and cheap.  
  Noodle With Fishball
(Guay Tiew Look Chin Pla)
  Rolled Noodle With Pork Soup
(Kuay Jap)
  Roast Duck
(Kwansioki Restaurant)
  Noodle With Pot-Stewed Duck
(Ped Toon)
  Chive Cake
(Kanom Gui Chai)
  Curry Puff
(Kari Pap)
Roasted Banana With Syrup
(Guay Ping)
  Ginger Dessert
(Tao Haui Nam Khing)
  Chinese Shave Ice Dessert
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